WordPress is the single most-used web content platform in the world today. Industry experts estimate that 28% of the websites online are built using WordPress.  The open source nature and robust development of WordPress ensures that the platform is fast, feature rich and secure.


Hosting is the physical location where a website is stored.  Allaire Web Development maintains relationships with top-tier hosting providers that offer fast, secure and reliable service at competitive prices.   Allaire Web Development LLC can help with all your hosting needs.

 Web Design

Web Design is what makes a website look great. But it is much more than that. Good design reflects the nature of a companies’ image and is essential for establishing its brand. The design must be logical, accessible and consistent so visitors can easily navigate their way around the website. Lastly design is critical for accomplishing the purpose of a website, whether it’s a sale of a product, an completed inquiry form, or a logged email address.


Once a website is launched, updates play a key part in keeping information current and accurate, and visitors happy and engaged. Allaire Web Development offers additional services like content creation, photography and security updates to both new and existing clients at an affordable hourly rate.




What is WordPress?

WordPress is the most popular Content Management System (CMS) on the Web.  Industry experts estimate that 28% of all websites on the Web are powered by WordPress.  Once a professional developer has a WordPress website up and running, an owner can easily log-in, access the dashboard and manage the content for themselves.

Why should I use WordPress for my Website?

The open source code that operates WordPress has many benefits for the website owner. Speed, security and accessibility are three valuable benefits WordPress has to offer.  WordPress  is managed by a community of dedicated, expert developers who maintain and update the code on a regular basis.   This means that the owner of a WordPress website has a team of web experts on the job, making sure that the website is fast, secure and easy for visitors to use. Continue reading “WordPress”


Search Engine Optimization at Allaire Web Development LLC

Winning with SEO at Allaire Web Development LLC

Marketing on the Web is all about the search engine.   Google is the king of search engines, but potential visitors might be using Bing or Yahoo or something else depending on their browser and knowledge of how to configure it. For example, Microsoft Edge defaults to Bing, so to search with Google, the user has to know how to change the search engine settings. In any case, when someone searches online they are looking for the best information available.  They want the best information they can get about products and services and those who can provide them. Continue reading “Marketing”


At Allaire Web Development, LLC I can set up hosting for your website that is fast, secure and affordable.