Why is SEO So Important?

Let’s face it– the days of using the yellow pages in the phone book are long gone. Many readers of this article might not even know what the yellow pages are. We live in an electronically connected world today and the World Wide Web is the great connector.

Early on in the development of the Web, the founders of Google and other search engines realized that finding information on an ever expanding network like the Web was going to be critical. They created powerful search algorithms in their search programs that sorted through the vast amount of information on the Web. Based upon the search terms entered, these search engines find the relevant information that users are looking for. These search terms are known as keywords and they are critical to a website’s success on the Internet.

Why are keywords so important? One word. Competition. According to Google and other major players on the Web, there are over 20 billion websites being indexed, or kept track of, at any given time. It’s true that many of the billions of pages on the Web are not very active. Someone starts a website and finds out it’s a lot of work to maintain it, and gradually over time, stops updating it. But the active websites for all the goods and services that businesses compete for in the real world are also competing on the Web. What are they competing for? They are competing for the keywords and the key phrases that users type into search engines when looking for goods and services. That is why SEO is so important. The techniques used in SEO maximize the exposure of a web page by ensuring it appears on the first page that a search engine delivers to Web searchers.

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