Having a Website Will Benefit Your Small Business


Are you on the fence about whether or not your small business should have a website?   Maybe you’re thinking that it might not be worth the money to have a professional web designer create one for you.   Well you should do it and it is worth it.   How do I know?  Read on to find out. In 2015, Verisign, one of the largest domain name and security providers on the Internet published a study on how having a website affects the credibility of your small business.   By an overwhelming margin, 97% of small businesses that currently have a website would recommend to other small businesses that they get a website.


The reason they gave is simple.  The Web is where your customers are every day.  It is where they go to find news and information and it is where they go to find goods and services when they need them.  Having a website with a unique domain name and email address means instant credibility with online consumers.

At Allaire Web Development, we can get you on the Web and get you found on the Web at an affordable price.  Contact us for further information.



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