Search Engine Optimization at Allaire Web Development LLC

Winning with SEO at Allaire Web Development LLC

Marketing on the Web is all about the search engine.   Google is the king of search engines, but potential visitors might be using Bing or Yahoo or something else depending on their browser and knowledge of how to configure it. For example, Microsoft Edge defaults to Bing, so to search with Google, the user has to know how to change the search engine settings. In any case, when someone searches online they are looking for the best information available.  They want the best information they can get about products and services and those who can provide them.

So the real question is, how can a small business leverage search to bring web users to their digital doorstep?   The answer is something called SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization.  When a customer searches on the web, they use relevant words to describe what they are looking for.   SEO is the art of shaping the content and programming of your website so they can find it. When a customer enters commonly used search terms, called “keywords”, SEO will lead them right to the landing page for your website. Search engine companies like Google and Microsoft are also visiting your website to gather information about it. Having the right information behind the scenes, in the code, helps to identify your site and make it easier for their users to find.

At Allaire Web Development LLC, we speak and practice the language of SEO. We can use our knowledge of it to drive customers to your website.   Competition is a reality for any small business hoping to increase their market share.  Consider hiring a web marketing expert at Allaire Web Development LLC to guide you through the process of making your website easy to find.