What is WordPress?

WordPress is the most popular Content Management System (CMS) on the Web.  Industry experts estimate that 28% of all websites on the Web are powered by WordPress.  Once a professional developer has a WordPress website up and running, an owner can easily log-in, access the dashboard and manage the content for themselves.

Why should I use WordPress for my Website?

The open source code that operates WordPress has many benefits for the website owner. Speed, security and accessibility are three valuable benefits WordPress has to offer.  WordPress  is managed by a community of dedicated, expert developers who maintain and update the code on a regular basis.   This means that the owner of a WordPress website has a team of web experts on the job, making sure that the website is fast, secure and easy for visitors to use.

What if I don’t use WordPress?

If you choose not to use WordPress for your website, there are (of course) other options. You could try one of the ‘drag and drop’ online website builders that require no coding experience. Or, you could hire an experienced coder or development agency that can build your site from the ground up. The first option often doesn’t deliver the results that you want. The second option will probably deliver good results but may turn out to be time-consuming and expensive.

Can I make a WordPress Website myself?

WordPress is open source, so you can use it to build your own website, but if your objective is to have a professional-looking and well-organized site, it pays huge dividends to hire a professional WordPress developer.   A WordPress professional can offer a client a high quality website at an affordable price.

Does WordPress Work for Small Businesses?

WordPress used to be just for blogging. But over the years it has evolved into the perfect solution for a small business website.  By hiring a professional WordPress developer, you can ensure that your website will be a great place for your customers to visit.  After all, where are all the customers these days? You guessed it. They are online, looking for information about the goods and services that your company can provide.